BelleQuant Engineering offers consulting services in the areas of product design, mechanical engineering, materials science, manufacturing, fluid dynamics (computational and experimental), and scientific computing systems. Another of our areas of expertise includes the analysis and design of blade systems for wind turbines. Our analysis capabilities include structural finite element analysis for stress, factor of safety, deflection, fatigue, and nonlinear analysis. In the area of computational fluid dynamics, we offer simulations for steady and unsteady laminar, turbulent, internal, and external flows.

We have facilities for testing small cooling fans (up to 12 cm in diameter) and generating flow/pressure curves according to ANSI/AMCA 210-07 and ANSI/ASHREA 51-07 standards. Our custom fan design software allows clients to generate fan designs of any size for prototype testing.

Manufacturing of complicated client machine designs can take place both in-house or at third-party facilities. Our design team has experience with several of the leading CAD/CAM software packages. For parametric designs, we offer custom CAD/CAM software solutions.